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BistrotCaraibes Restaurants SXM ©ClémentLouineau

St. Martin, the LGBTQI Destination!

On this small piece of land in the West Indies, at a place where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, LGBTQI travelers looking to lead an active and healthy lifestyle in a mild, tropical, and, above all, friendly climate are welcomed with open arms! You’ll find that our heavenly two-country island is a place of tolerance and human rights. All year round, our part of the world offers perfect conditions for a restful change of scenery and new experiences with your partner or friends. The people of St. Martin have a strong sense of hospitality and generosity that can be felt in our many hotels and restaurants. Here, people of more than 120 nationalities and around 50 different religious influences live side-by-side. St. Martin, a melting pot of cultures, treasures its diversity as an asset and a way forward. Everyone lives as they wish and in harmony with others. All communities coexist with a deep mutual respect and a characteristic humility. Life on St. Martin gives you the freedom to express your beliefs and live the way you please, while also reaching out to others, be they islanders or passing travelers. If you’re looking for a destination that’s inclusive and friendly towards LGBTQI people, St. Martin will be your haven of peace. You’ll be able to walk hand-in-hand with the person who means the most to you, without fear of judgment or being stared at. On St. Martin, love is love!

Le Love, an indiscriminate nest

To get your vacation off to the best possible start, St. Martin proposes a beautiful setting where you can nurture your private life. Here, the watchwords are respect and tranquility.

Couple Grand-Case

In the north of the island, in the charming little fishing village of Grand Case, the Love Hôtel et Résidence will be your haunt. Standing right on the golden-sand beach of Grand Case, this intimate hotel offers impeccable standards, and you’ll be just a step away from the joys offered by this outstanding location. The Caribbean Sea will stretch before your eyes. Freed of your inhibitions by the festive atmosphere, you’ll enjoy memorable moments! You’ll soon agree that St. Martin is the best LGBTQI-friendly destination in the West Indies. 

Rainbow on the sea for all to see

For a relaxing change of scene, you’ll spend time at a festive place at the end of Boulevard de Grand Case.

Rainbow cafe
Rainbow Cafe Grand Case

The Rainbow Café, is a magical setting for those unforgettable days in the Caribbean. From sunrise to sunset, you’ll make the most of Grand Case Beach. You’ll be able to enjoy breakfast on the sand in the fresh sea air of the early morning. You’ll settle on your comfortable mattress to unwind as you contemplate the Caribbean Sea and the beauty of Grand Case bay. Just opposite, Creole Rock will be your diving spot. St. Martin boasts a huge diversity of fauna and flora, which will emerge before your eyes from their intimate world beneath the waves. At the end of the day, music will gently fill the air and beckon you to the Rainbow Rooftop. A trendy, cosmopolitan atmosphere where couples and families rub shoulders with good vibes and enjoyment made for sharing.

Sunset Grand Case
Survoler Saint Martin en gyrocoptère

Discover heavenly pleasures

If you like a bit of action and enjoy being amazed, this experience for two in the sky of St. Martin is for you. For the fun and the thrills, be bold and take a ride in a gyrocopter.

Equipage gyrocoptère Saint-Martin

Your first gyrocopter flight, from Grand Case Airport, will last approximately one hour.

With an instructor from SXM Gyrocopter (sxmgyrocopter@gmail.com), anyone can climb into the seat of this small and easy-to-handle aircraft. Flying around at more than 75 miles per hour, you’ll admire a succession of scenes that nature has painted for you. After flying over Pinel Island, then Tintamarre Island, you’ll fly around Anse Marcel bay and discover Green Cay, before heading back to Grand Case.

St. Martin’s food, between surf and turf

Back on solid ground, you’ll still have plenty of amazing pleasures to come. A foodie hotspot of St. Martin will be delighted to offer your tastebuds a few surprises.

Bistrot Caraibes
BistrotCaraibes Restaurants SXM ©ClémentLouineau

When it comes to great food, Grand Case, an area legendary for its liveliness, is a landmark on the island. Head for No. 81 on Boulevard de Grand-Case, where the Bistrot Caraïbes will take you on an extraordinary culinary journey in which the classics of French cuisine canoodle with innovative techniques and a fusion of flavors. The relaxing atmosphere is romantic, casual, and conducive to a sensory adventure.

Like in a boat

After a high-flying gourmet dinner, you’ll want to enjoy one last glass. Soon, you’ll close your eyes thinking of the place you’d like to check out the following day. Near the seafront at Marigot, you’ll go to one of the little huts to explore the flavors of Guadeloupe. The Bateau Lavoir, the open-air restaurant just opposite the Town Hall, serves a generous breakfast from 7:45am, with house pancakes and fruit juice freshly blended before your eyes.

Bateau Lavoir Restaurant SXM ClementLouineau

St. Martin is an incredible island where people of all different kinds of identities have forged the deep-rooted nature of this atypical and endearing land. You’ll never be judged here, on the Friendly Island that is so aptly named. St. Martin beckons you with open arms. Bring your friends to discover the ideal LGBTQI-friendly destination!

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