Bird’s Eye View of St.Martin / St. Maarten Island by Gyrocopter

Bird’s Eye View of St.Martin / St. Maarten Island by Gyrocopter

St. Martin couldn’t be any more beautiful than it is from the sky, and SXM Gyrocopter knows that. With over 15 years of experience in the Caribbean, the company offering first-ever flights and sightseeing tours now operates on St. Martin island.  The experience is a must, at least once… It’s an adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your memory of St. Martin.

Preparing for Takeoff

You head to the St. Martin airport in Grand Case to meet the SXM Gyrocopter team. Bypass the airport and reach the runway, a restricted area only accessible to those accompanied by a professional. Inside an enormous hangar, find a beautiful red gyrocopter waiting for us, and the anticipation grows. There isn’t a moment to think before you’re suddenly aboard this stunning piece of machinery, a completely open two-seater ULM. The safety instructions are given: always keep your hands inside the machine and inform the pilot of any concern, however small—it’s that simple. Once the cameras are attached to the vehicle, the headset-mic is secured, and the seatbelt is fastened, you’re ready for takeoff. The only thing left to do is have fun. 

A Living Map of St. Martin from the Sky

As you ascend, you quickly begin to appreciate the grandeur of St. Martin, even as it gets smaller and smaller. Soar over the districts until you reach the coast, where the intense blue of the sea meets the same blue of the sky. Crystal clear waters reveal the depths of the sea, expanding endlessly over the horizon. It’s a postcard perfect view. The island’s verdant mountains stand tall, majestic. Both the landscape and the sensation of being above it take your breath away. The pilot comments now and again on the geography of St. Martin and the neighborhoods you are flying over.

After a short tour above Pinel Island and the wild island of Tintamarre, fly over Anse Marcel Bay before returning towards Grand Case. In the distance, when the skies are clear, you can see Anguilla on one side and St. Barthelemy on the other. Take advantage of the last suspended moments before flying over Grand Case Bay and coming in for landing. Back on solid ground, relish in the unforgettable adventure, grateful for the video recording that will allow you to revisit that sensation of freedom you felt any time you’d like.

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